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This page is dedicated to get the word out about car shows that are happening in our area and also for shows that are happening around the country. If you have any information about a show that is happening that you can tell us about please E-mail us with the information. We will also post pictures of the shows that we have attended so check back often!

Centaurus High School - May 7, 2000

Loveland Fairgrounds - August 20, 2000

Lowrider Magazine

Portland, OR.

June 4

Portland Expo Center

Chicago, IL.

June 11

Hawthorne Raceway

Dallas, TX.

June 25

Dallas Fair Park

Houston, TX.

July 16

Houston Astro Arena

Denver, CO.

July 23

Denver Coliseum

San Diego, CA.

July 30

QualComm Stadium

Oklahoma City, OK.

August 6

Oklahoma State Fairgrounds

San Antonio, TX.

August 13

Alamo Dome

San Francisco, CA.

August 20

Cow Palace

* Las Vegas, NV. *

October 8

Cashman Field Center


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