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Impressions Car Club was founded in August 1993 and then registered in April 1994. Impressions Car Club started with four guys Nathan Valdez, Ruben Valdez jr. , John Segovia, and Mike Segovia. We have made this club very successful in persuing our goal to be a drug and gang free Car Club. Impressions Car Club was Thornton , CO first Car Club leading into a frenzy of car clubs in the immediate area. We have a Annual picnic every summer to show our appreciation toward our family's in their support toward our lowriders. Impressions Car Club have made many big steps for car clubs. We have reached out to our community by doing "good deeds" such as Working with a local school district to accomplish one of the biggest car shows the district has ever thrown. Also talking with boys homes to help steer the kids in a positive direction. From members from the past to the members of today I owe my deepest gratitude for making Impressions Car Club Everything it is. Quote to live by: Never look down on your fellow man unless you are offering him a helping hand up!


President & Founder

Nathan Valdez

Impressions Car Club Thornton, CO



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