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This page is set up for people that send us pictures of their cars. This page will be updated as people send in pictures. To send in a picture, click on the link that is on the bottom of the page. Be sure to include your name, specs on your car, and anything else that you want to be put with the picture.

Name: Money B Name:
Location: Central Illinois Location:

- 88 Mustang GT
- 17x9 gold center Daytons
- Cobra brakes front and rear
- Fiberglass hood and trunk
- Chrome exhaust by BBK w/Flowmasters
- 2 rockford 10's
- 2 rockford punch 100's
- 2 sets of rockford coponents
- Eclipse 4321 head unit
- Top is dyed to match car (wine)
- paint is ppg "DESERT RED" w / a blue pearl and chameleon flakes from house of colors


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